1982 Honda FT-500


3 miles
498cc OHC
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My dear friend's saying is that "they are only New ONCE"
That holds true when you come across a find such as this. I rather say that this is a 'New-Old Bike' not to confuse but to further accentuate the fact that it is 35yrs old and that it was never before used as it was originally intended.
A bit of trivia for you,,, There's a track in Southern California where racers race handlebar to handlebar at speeds up to 100mph. On Dirt. Sideways. It's called Ascot!
The Ascot is the Best of both worlds. The equivalent to a sophisticated Enduro machine capable of exhilarating performance on or off the track. Designed with power to weight ratio efficiencies ahead of its time then and now.
This Motorcycle shared company with many other sleeping beauties inside a print shop belonging to my friend mentioned earlier; He has awed my staff and I with a slew of similar New-Old vehicles acquired decades ago if for the simple reason of admiration for the styling, brand and performance it was know for at the time. A true enthusiast of the time then and now he continued to acquire vehicles and to no surprise to anyone he could only drive one at a time. I have been asked why the low miles and how can it be? If you think about it, it is much more common than not to allow life to get in the way of doing the things you either ought to be doing or things that you enjoy the most. I see this often.
This Honda has recently been inspected by a local Honda Service Center and we also have a spare OEM tank to go with it.
I have met many Honda Bike Collectors and this is a worthy find for the one looking to begin a collection or those who want to add an amazing bike to an existing quality collection.
The Honda Ascot, designated FT500'82, was sold in 1982 in the colors Monza Red or Black. The tank stripes and the "FT500" decal were gray and silver on the red bike and red and orange on the black bike. The speedometer was limited to 85 mph (135 km/h). The headlight was rectangular and so were the instruments. The engine was a 498 cc SOHC, 4-valve single-cylinder with 8.6:1 compression ratio, and one carburetor. The transmission was a 5-speed (1st=2.462:1 2nd=1.647:1 3rd=1.250:1 4th=1.000:1 5th=0.840:1). Stock gearing is 15/42(3.71:1). The brakes were single piston disc front and rear. The motorcycle had a top speed over 85 mph and achieved an average fuel economy of 48 mpg. The serial numbers began with JH2PC0708CM000019.