2010 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic


17,304 miles
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For Sale: 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

Overview: Experience the open road like never before with this black 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. This iconic touring motorcycle is built for long-distance cruising, comfort, and style.
Key Features:

• Classic Design: The Harley Davidson Ultra Classic boasts a timeless design with its black finish and iconic Harley styling. It’s a head-turner on any road.

• Touring Comfort: With a comfortable, cushioned seat and spacious saddlebags, this motorcycle is designed for extended rides, offering ample storage for your gear and a smooth, comfortable ride.

• Engine: It’s equipped with a powerful Harley Davidson engine, delivering the classic Harley rumble and ample torque for highway cruising.

• Extras: Check for any additional features or customizations that may have been added to enhance performance or aesthetics.

• Location: You can find this 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic for sale at Atlas Auto Sales in Hayden, Idaho. Please contact them directly for more details, pricing, and to schedule a viewing.

Contact Information:
• Atlas Auto Sales
• Location: Hayden, Idaho

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this legendary Harley Davidson Ultra Classic and embark on your next adventure on two wheels. Contact Atlas Auto Sales for more information.